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Carol O’Malley, Head of Childrens Nursing and Project Lead is assisted by Debbie Bodi, Community Childrens Nurse. The team are working with the Sickle Cell Society, Kings College Hospital, Princess Royal Hospital Sickle Cell London and South Thames Sickle and Thallasemia Network.

The Sickle Cell Support Group is a bi-monthly support group for parents, carers and children, which will alternate with a parent and young child support group.  The project should enable parents to:

  • Feel less isolated and able to access support and develop a supportive network with other families.
  • Normalise their child’s growth and enable their development by allowing them to play with other children.
  • Anticipate the effects of sickle cell disease i.e. anaemia, jaundice, enlarged spleen, painful episodes and feel empowered to address and manage these effects.
  • Prevent episodes of illness by adhering to infection prophylaxis and other preventative care, therefore reducing medical interventions.  And to recognise early signs of stroke and other possible complications from the condition.