What we do

Find out more about the background to the Bromley Healthcare Charity.

We have established ourselves, thanks to the generosity of our main donor – Bromley Healthcare – and by personal donations and fund raising events. Bromley Healthcare, which has enjoyed consistent support from its GP led Clinical Commissioning Group, has used some of its profits to get the charity up and running and enabled it to support a number of local projects.

The main area in which we are making an impact is in activities set up to help people to get better and stay well by assisting and supporting them in a club environment; providing a range of clinical and social support.

LBB Logo 3In these challenging times, it is good to see that this initiative is being delivered in partnership with specialist charities and gaining the valuable support of local volunteers” said Stephen Carr, former Leader of the Council of  London Borough of Bromley.

The Trustees have now decided that supporting clubs will become the main focus of  Bromley Healthcare Charity and that previous support for one-off donations will cease.

There is much evidence to show that when people come together in a community club they benefit from both the activities, and from what they learn by sharing experiences with others. In general they support independence and help to achieve higher levels of personal well-being.

BCCG Logo 2As Dr Andrew Parson, a local GP and Chair of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group said: “I welcome the work of the Bromley Healthcare Charity, as it encourages ‘self-help’ and recognises the importance of personal motivation in looking after one’s own health.”

The specific objectives of the work of the Charity are based around supporting environments to help people to learn new skills, build their confidence and feel more positive. We have started to capture data and evidence of our achievement against our objectives, so that we will be able to both improve what we do and to demonstrate some of the benefits and outcomes of our support.